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Wood Decking and Rail



Pressure Treated Decking:
5/4 x 6 Deck Boards – 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′ Lengths

2×2 Square Balusters – 36″, 42″ & 48″ Heights



Mahogany is an extremely dense lumber. It’s interlocking grain prevents separation between annual growth rings, making it one of the most stable woods available.

Mahogany comes in clear grade only, no knots or sapwood. Colors range from a light tan to a deep auburn brown. Mahogany does not contain tannin, the wood will not stain when it comes into contact metal.

Hardwoods like Mahogany naturally resist wear, rot and splintering. A very durable product for exterior use.

Boards are straight with virtually little or no knots or blemishes. Some boards may show signs of old insect boreholes approximately 1/8-inch or less in diameter or streaks of lighter colored wood grain.

Woods such as Mahogany should be drilled prior to nailing or screwing. The wood is so hard that without first drilling the wood, nails or screws will have a hard time penetrating it. You also risk the possibility of splitting the wood. Using screws rather than nails will alleviate problems such as nail heads popping up above the boards and prevent boards from loosening up over time.

Kiln dried Mahogany does not shrink but can swell slightly. Space 5/4×6 boards a full 1/4 inch apart. In wet climates, add 1/16 inch to your spacing.

Very little maintenance is required and a clear finish can be applied to preserve the natural color. If left unsealed, the wood will weather to a silver patina.

Mahogany lumber is as hard as teak. Of deck wood species, it has the fewest knots.



Mahogany Decking:

1 x 4 Tongue & Groove Floor/Deck Boards
5/4 x 4 Tongue & Groove Floor/Deck Boards
5/4 x 4 Deck Board  Square Edge
5/4 x 6 Deck Board  Square Edge

Fir Decking:
1 x 4 Tongue & Groove Floor/Deck Boards
5/4 x 4 Tongue & Groove Floor/Deck Boards

Mahogany Railing & Posts:
2×4 Handrail – 8′ & 12′ Lengths
2×2 Square Balusters – 36″ Height
2×2 Colonial Balusters – 36″ Height



The majority of Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) used for decks, is grown in the Pacific Northwest. Western Red Cedar is also be found other exterior home products such as roof shakes, siding, saunas and hot tubs. Cedar is ideal for high moisture areas.

With a variation of warm colors and an attractive grain, cedar is a colorful wood choice for exterior projects. Colors range from a light pink to deep red-brown.

Cedar contains natural oils (phenols) which help prevent decay and insect attack. Cedar has a dense cell structure, approximately 10 ten million cells per cubic inch. Cedar shrinks and swells at minimal rate, remains flat and is resistant to checking. It can be left untreated and will weather naturally to a silver gray or a deck finish can be applied to preserve Cedar’s rich color.

As with all lumber, Cedar is available in several grades, most common are Knotty and Clear. To be certified as clear, the Cedar must have few knots or blemishes. Cedar is an excellent choice for building a deck.

Knotty grade Cedar, also known as Tight Knot Cedar, is a less expensive option. Knotty Cedar may have numerous knots and/or grain variations. If properly maintained, a Clear Cedar deck may last for up to 40 years.

Cedar generally shrinks less than most other wood species. Depending on the moisture content of the lumber, Cedar boards may shrink slightly in length and in width. The preferred method is to install boards with a small 1/8 – 3/16 inch space in between.

Cedar decking should be installed with stainless steel screws or nails. Cedar will darken and gray over time. Maintaining a cedar deck by applying a deck sealer as suggested by the sealer manufacturer will help maintain the warm true color of the cedar.

Cedar is a popular alternative to other wood choices that contain chemicals. Cedar offers a beauty and warmth that cannot be compared to any other wood. Cedar is readily available in a variety of sizes and lengths to use in many outdoor projects.


Western Red Cedar
Architectural Knotty Grade
5/4 X 6 Deck Boards – 8′, 10′, 12′, 14′, 16′, 20′ Lengths

Railing & Posts:
2×4 Handrail – 8′ & 12′ Lengths
2×2 Square Balusters – 36″ & 48″ Heights
2×2 Colonial Balusters – 36″ Height

#2 Knotty Cedar:
2×4 – 8′, 10′, 12′
2×6 – 8′, 10′, 12′
4×4 – 8′, 10′

Premium Cedar Boards:
2×4 – 8′, 10′, 12′
2×6 – 8′, 10′, 12′ 
4×4 – 8′ & 10′ lengths

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